Detect Defects in Artificial Teeth During Manufacturing

artificial dentures

Why this challenge?

Manufacturing processes require to be more and more automated, with high accuracy and rapid flaw detection.

Our client, a multi-national medical engineering company, was looking for an imaging technology that would automatically identify defects and reject defective artificial teeth.

The translucency and transparent layering effects are very important for the aesthetic quality of the artificial tooth. Artificial teeth must be free from visible defects.

The goal of the project was to find a technology that would inspect all surfaces of the teeth and identify defects inside the teeth that adversely affect the translucent layering, and this, on a production line where speed is of utmost importance.


NineSigma launched a targeted technical outreach strategy, reaching out to global organizations with experience of in-line inspection, surface and internal imaging, digital image capturing and analysis, and algorithm development.

We identified 39 proposals from 16 different countries.

Our client selected a solution provider that could create 3D images of several teeth per second and identify defects with micrometer accuracy.

The client and Solution Provider have integrated the solution into manufacturing production lines.


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